3 Ways to Help You Remember Names

Remind me again, what’s your name?

Remembering names may seem like a nuisance today when you can just look someone up on the internet in a matter of seconds and find their Facebook or Instagram. Although true, this method doesn’t account for the real, human moments one has when they are meeting someone new or networking. Despite all the background research you do on a person, it is next to useless if you cannot address them by their name (not to mention pronounce it correctly).

So, why should you care?

Selfishly, you will make an astounding impression if you remember someone’s name—showing them respect, interest, and that you mean business. It also helps you to avoid awkward situations that most everyone would prefer to avoid.

Name Association

Associate the name with something and make a connection. Personal mnemonic devices can be helpful with this task, and associating a memory with their face. 

Repetition Repetition Repetition

Repeat their name back to them multiple times in conversation. This will help you remember, and make the conversation personal too.

Spell the name out

This works especially if the pronunciation or spelling is tricky.

At UpTurnships, we are taught the importance of this lesson, and the skills to ensure success when meeting someone new, or seeing a connection whose name we must remember. If you ask me, being “bad at remembering names” is far from a valid excuse. Instead, it demonstrates laziness and lack of interest. For, if one truly wanted the job, they would have made the connection. Therefore, thanks to the curriculum at UpTurnships, we have an early start to a crucial business skill.

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