On the Horizon

February at UpTurnships is a busy month, and we are excited to share all that we have in progress. Before I share these wonderful happenings with you please allow me to take a moment and acknowledge the estimable woman whose shoulders I proudly stand on, Julie Burrows. As Julie leaves us and prepares for the next steps of her journey, she has left quite a legacy for us all at UpTurnships. Through her vision, drive, and tenacity UpTurnships has achieved new heights in being a beacon of light for students at a pivotal moment in their career journey. Her touch of magic continued by bringing in professionals who also were at a vital point of their lives and desired to give of themselves by using their highest talents and skills, which Julie insisted upon making space for people to be able to bring the best of themselves. Julie, we thank you for being the visionary you are and always having bright ideas. Know all those new ideas fueled and inspired not only the work we have done but also the work we will do.

As I step into the role of leading UpTurnships I am keenly aware we have ambitious goals. We will continue to add to our robust programming by offering new innovative ways to provide career opportunities and connections for UpTurns. This will require us to conduct internal audits of our systems, infrastructure, and tools to ensure we are well positioned to support these new opportunities. Additionally, it is our goal to scale our services to annually serve 300 UpTurns in our Flagship programming and UpStart Projects. To accomplish this, we are exploring extensive and more intentional ways to partner with our academic and community partners. It is UpTurnships’ objective to be a value add to both our partners and the students they serve.

Lastly, this month we round out our first year of year-round programming with a Spring cohort of 20 students focusing on finance, accounting, marketing, and communication UpStart Projects. This cohort also brings in new employer partners like Synchrony, Minnesota Peacebuilding, Amplify Mission, and Keystone Wealth Advisors. As we continue to serve UpTurns, we what to build stronger employer partnerships with companies in alignment with our mission of breaking down barriers to employment, making impact on racial equity in hiring practices, and who are willing to examine their own unconscious biases to experience a paradigm shift for a more fair and just American Society.

I am energized by our work, excited for what lies ahead and eager to get started on what we began and have been diligently working towards since I came last March! I look forward to doing great work with all of you!

La Tasha,

Executive Director

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