Luciano Guzman
Program Coordinator
  • Individualization
  • Communication
  • Woo
  • Includer
  • Ideation

Luciano is a graduate of St. Paul Central High School '12 and Macalester College '16. He has dipped his toes in multiple industries but most recently spent the last few years in post-secondary admissions (UofM and Macalester.) He helps connect tech professionals to start-up opportunities in the Twin Cities and loves helping people plan for and develop their careers. 

He is really proud to be an alum of the first UpTurnships cohort and now part of the wonderful team guiding its growth. He is excited to be working with highly motivated students as they explore professional opportunities, directly giving back to an organization that means so much to him and the many students involved!

 Luciano enjoys collecting and caring for houseplants, his dog Casanova and redoing his yard. Still no green thumb yet, but he's waiting to grow one! In contrast to this love for nature, he also enjoys online gaming and running.

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