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About the Process

UpTurnships values referrals.

Upon the completion of your application, résumé, and StrengthsFinder, you will be contacted by an interviewer from UpTurnships if we believe UpTurnships is right for you.

Please ensure that you review our qualifications and apply before Friday, October 13th 2017 for round 1, and Friday, January 19th 2018 for round 2. Note that during round 1 we focus on students that will be Juniors the following fall, and for round 2 we consider students in different classes.

Once we’ve received your completed application, you’ll be contacted by a staff representative who will communicate with you and be your first-line contact for any questions you have.

You’ll move through some training and orientation materials, get matched with a mentor, and get connected with some of the top paid internships available in your field.

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