Alums shape UpTurnships

Alums at Work

Our first value is: UpTurns shape this business. This means UpTurns are the customer and their feedback is crucial. We look for givers who share their gifts with others.

Thank you!

You have built UpTurnships. You show us what works and what you’d like done differently. Your coaches appreciate the opportunity to work with you. A special note of thanks to our first eight UpTurns. The 2014 class were our testing ground from the church basement. Thank you Alyssa, Angelica, Brady, Carl-Lars, Hannah, Luciano, Mariah and Nick!


You are succeeding–you go on to second and even third internships. You are getting jobs out of college at a remarkable rate. You will change the business world.

We are grateful

You represent UpTurnships so well at your internships. You are givers and pledge 20 hours of giving back to the community. You’ve developed our logo (2014), created our 1st brochures (2015), created a video (2016) and developed this website (2017).

You are leaving a legacy

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Are you a proud alum?

The Alum network is growing. Stay in touch and benefit from all you have built!