Becoming an UpTurnships Employer for Summer 2019

Five Steps to Become an UpTurnships Employer

1) Determine Fit

Interest in diverse, highly motivated interns, trained in critical soft business skills, generally missed in typical recruitment.

Program Overview

Summer intern jobs in the Twin Cities that offer resume-worthy work for sophomore or junior college business students

Ability to pay competitive internship wages for

  1. time in internship work  – typically 4 days per week for 10 weeks PLUS
  2. the student’s time in UpTurnships training – 16 days

2019 Program Calendar

Ability to pay UpTurnships’ Participant Fee

Participant Fee Schedule

2) Identify Positions

Meet with UpTurnships to build an understanding of

1. Number of internships you would like to fill, and departments or functional areas for placement

 Request Interns Form

2. Program details and the process for submitting job descriptions, interviewing candidates, hiring interns, and key dates

Sample Job Description

3) Identify Candidates

UpTurnships identifies, screens and submits candidates that fit your requirements

4) Interview and Select

Employers interview and select interns

5) Finalize Agreement

Complete contract and submit first installment (50%)of Participant Fee. Remainder due April, 2018.

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