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Tanna Moore

A CEO Giving Back

While UpTurnships’ coaches are known for their successful executive careers.  Tanna continues that tradition, and currently hold the role of CEO of  Meritas, Inc.,a global alliance of 180 law firms in ninety countries. She is a ‘collaborator for growth,’ after starting her career at General Mills and leading many services companies. Tanna is passionate about education and has served as Board President of the Washburn Center for Children among her volunteer roles.
– BA Economics from Kenyon College and former Trustee
– MBA from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College
– Adjunct professor in the School of Business at St. Thomas University

Q&A with Tanna:

what is a fun fact about you? “I was a nationally ranked tennis player as a kid”

What is the worset job you every had? “The worst job I ever had was as an executive shutting down a business that was part of a very large corporation….very painful”

Who inspries you? ” Margaret Thatcher—she was the one I watched to develop my own speaking and storytelling style”