Success Stories

We are forever proud of our phenomenal UpTurns and are honored and humbled to share their success stories. 

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UpTurnships is looking for applicants who are:

  • A current Sophomore, Junior or Senior in college

  • Highly motivated students committed to growing their skills and building their resume

  • Are part of an underrepresented demographic, including but not limited to: marginalized races, sexes, socioeconomic backgrounds, first generation college students, and college students who are Pell-Grant Eligible

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June Alumni Spotlight - Pragya Karmacharya


June Alumni Spotlight - Pang Xiong

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Pang Xiong, 2016 UpTurn

The Importance of

Being Your Authentic Self

Pang is a 2016 UpTurn alum who is currently working as a Client Service Coordinator at Cedar Cove Wealth Partners. She wears many hats in her role including the Marketing and Event planning hat. She also works closely with their clients on evolving their accounts and products. One thing she loves about her work is the generous impact her team strives to achieve in the lives of their clients and within the community.


Pang likes to keep herself busy in her free time by Hmong dancing, teaching dance, working on her podcast with her 2 good friends, and working out at the gym. Pang is also on the Board of Directors at Lutheran Social Services. 


During her time in UpTurnships she learned that your professional growth doesn't end after you leave the UpTurnships program. She said, "You will continue to learn new things as society and our current environment evolve. Never give up on yourself and keep asking the hard questions." One piece of advice she has for future UpTurns is “In every step and chapter of your journey, be your authentic self. It may be out of your comfort zone but there is a lesson to learn so you can work on being a better version of yourself than who you were yesterday.”