The 2018 UpTurns: This Year’s Powerhouse

To UpTurns, “diversity” means more than its traditional definition. To us, diversity means diverse ideas, family life, ways of thinking, and experiences.

But what these UpTurns have in common is their innate determination and unrelenting hard work. Many UpTurns juggle other responsibilities such as another job or commitment. However, UpTurns do not let this interfere with their professional internship. And they do not let busy schedules bring them down.

“What I saw: an inherent kind of confidence. You know when a professional has worked in the working world just long enough that their professional confidence shows through? That’s what I saw. Knowing where they are on their career journey (early), it made an impression on me.”
-Nathan A. Perez, Executive Career & Job Search coach; author of The 20-Minute Networking Meeting

Team 1

Nahla Almbaid

Emerson Badio

S. Bello-Morales

Hannah Bly

Wail Eltag

Gary Harala

Bradley Hill

Kyle Johnson

Kong Meng Lee

Haroon Malik

A. Martagon

Molly Mitchell

Jason Ortiz Valez

Brian Parker

Mahdi Rahmani

Jorge Rey Riera

Farhan Sadiq

David Sinchi

Nafisa Warsame

Stanley Wright

Team 2

Abdirahman Aden

Tashi Choezom

Jillian Golden

Juday’A Harris

Guled Hussain Ali

Malik Jallah

Howard Jones

Delroy Mangal

Evan Meerchiedt

A. Mohamed

M. Mohamed

Teresa Nguyen

Kyle Schuck

Baustin Shaw

Drake Singleton

Desmond Steward

Rhoda Yassin

UpTurnships Facts

  • Diverse:  49% Black or African American, 13% Asian, 13% Latino or Hispanic, 11% Caucasian, 5% Other, 3% Native American

  • Multilingual: 42% English as 2nd language.

  • First Generation: 70% are 1st generation college students; several are 1st to graduate from high school.

  • Colleges: 92% are from Minnesota Private Colleges. 75% are Juniors and one 1st semester Senior.

  • Majors: Economics, Applied Statistics, Mathematics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Computer Science/IT, Electrical Engineering and Liberal Arts.

  • Tuition: 20 UpTurns pay for 100% of their college costs.  On average our UpTurns pay for 90% of their college costs

Are you impressed?

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