Why Donate Now?


When you donate to UpTurnships, you’re making a vital investment in a vibrant, diverse and dynamic workforce. You’ll be part of framing a future of career success, opportunity and empowerment for young professionals and creating a more fair, just and equitable Twin Cities business culture.

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Supporting UpTurnships

When you make a meaningful contribution to UpTurnships, you are ensuring an equitable transition from education to workforce, for exceptional young professionals in our community. You are also cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion in our area that assures the growth, development and retention of experienced talent, across all industries.

Without UpTurnships, the under-resourced groups of students we serve would not otherwise receive the same opportunities or reach the same potential as their counterparts. We need your support to write the next chapter of our cultural narrative that celebrates diversity.

Donate to UpTurnships today, to be an important part of the stronger, more sustainable workforce of tomorrow.

Your generous gift provides UpTurns with:

  • Educational coaches, trainers and speakers

  • Materials, resources and books

  • Internships, projects and networks

  • Support systems to build confidence, skills and abilities

  • Unconscious bias training to their employers

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