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When you donate to UpTurnships, you’re making an investment in the vibrant diversity, and power of our workforce. You’ll be part of a transformation that empowers young professionals and provides companies with the fresh, dynamic talent they need for decades to come. Let’s work together to elevate our workforce.

Your Investment Returns

Your donation offers considerable ROI when it comes to launching our UpTurns into the professional world, and providing a perfect-fit landing spot at the many companies that have come to value those interns. Here’s where your investment in the future pays off: 

-82% of UpTurns have a job in their field within 2 months of graduation. Results are even higher for students who begin our program earlier. 

-87% of employers recommend UpTurns to a colleague or friend. 

-100% program growth, year after year. 

-Since we’re a 501 c3 nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible.

Our program is robust, but so are our needs. Each intern receives 110 hours of training — valued at over $10,000 — as well as coaching until they receive their full-time job offer at graduation. They receive a paid internship with wages over $5,000. They also get a professional internship wardrobe at no cost to the UpTurn.

Why Donate Now?

Our annual fall campaign is underway, and like our UpTurns, we are ambitious and driven to succeed. We’re on our way toward raising $50,000 to grow our operations and support more interns in 2020. Your donation will help us get there, and meet the needs of more talented, motivated, and diverse candidates.

We’re disrupting the way Twin Cities employers source and strengthen their talent pipelines, and the way college students seek and thrive in their chosen professions. We’ve already seen significant results, and with your support, we can do even more.

Thank you!