We know a good investment

We are business people running a 501c3 nonprofit. We believe in high quality and sustainability and we consider all investments carefully. Our financials are solid and our stakeholders can depend on us to be there. Our business model covers our ongoing costs to serve twenty-five interns this summer.

Yet we know our best investments are in young people. We’d like to offer this quality coaching and curriculum to UpTurns so that they may seize the future in business careers. We have many ideas to increase capacity and find new efficiencies to use our high-powered volunteer force more effectively. We plan to continue serving larger classes in the near future and many small business people are working to fulfill this challenge.

Your donation will help more students experience this transformative program. Thank you!

How to Donate

Use the link below to donate electronically, or mail your donation to:
UpTurnships, 5121 Mirror Lakes Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55436. All donations are tax deductible.