Employers need dynamic, driven and diverse talent. Motivated college students seek opportunity, inclusion and impact. UpTurnships builds these bridges.

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Welcome! We’re happy you’re here learning how you can be part of creating a more inclusive and equitable workforce. UpTurnships bridges the gap between skilled, knowledgeable, diverse college students and organizations who are seeking to source the next generation of future leaders. When employers partner with UpTurnships they gain access to trained, ambitious and motivated interns while also receiving the internal training and resources needed to foster a welcoming workplace culture and retain diverse talent. UpTurnships has found a demonstrated and proven workforce development method and we look forward to bringing our program into your organization

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Proven Results

  • In 2020, UpTurnships served 520 students (in house and through partnerships). 2021 is set to be an even bigger year with our program continuing to grow annually offering a larger candidate pool from which to select qualified interns for your organization.

  • 82% of UpTurns obtain employment in their field within 2 months of graduation

  • Over 70% of UpTurns stay in their first job after graduation past 1 year; on average they stay 30 months 

  • 87% of supervisors would recommend UpTurnships to other businesses 

  • When asked, “How likely would you be to recommend UpTurnships to a friend or colleague?” on a scale of 1 - 10 employer had an average response of 9.8 / 10


Partnership Opportunities

  • Employers partner with UpTurnships in two main ways: 

    • UpTurnships traditional flagship summer program for full or part-time internships

    • UpStarts Projects, a year-round projects-based program

Each prospective employer partner will meet one on one with the External Relations Coordinator who will discuss specific business needs and determine the best programmatic opportunity for the organization.


Employer Equity Partnership

To compete in today’s market, your company must take a proactive approach to building a more welcoming working culture and boosting employee retention in the local workforce. You want your business to be part of not only recruiting but also retaining diverse and dynamic talent.

UpTurnships’ Employer Equity Partnerships are about revolutionizing the workforce by elevating opportunities for skilled, knowledgeable young professionals who represent groups that are traditionally under-resourced. When you become an UpTurnships EEP you will gain access to these thoroughly trained, highly motivated and ambitious individuals who will energize and amplify your organization. You will also receive the resources, information and training you need to ensure sustained, enhanced results in both your employees and your business.


We will support your company in creating an inclusive, equitable workplace culture and ensuring operational success by:

  • Working collaboratively to recruit and retain a talent pipeline for your company that represents the diverse Twin Cities population

  • Giving you access to enthusiastic, equipped and experienced new hires from a previously hidden recruitment stream 

  • Giving you confidence in your candidate pool knowing all program participants have received over 100 hours of professional preparedness training 

  • Providing you recognition as we find new and creative ways to highlight our employer partners to every student in our pipeline 

  • Offering valuable Unconscious Bias Training for your employees and the opportunity to engage regularly in vital conversations of equity and inclusion ultimately impacting your workplace culture

You will cultivate success in your UpTurns and contribute to the UpTurnships organization, by committing to:

  • Meaningful work for UpTurns via projects or paid internships

  • Intentional engagement with Unconscious Bias Training and internal conversations around equity and inclusion

  • Creating a welcoming and safe environment 

  • Providing opportunity for development and advancement including entry-level positions

  • Making a meaningful annual investment in UpTurnships, which is tax-deductible

To connect with UpTurnships regarding partnership opportunities contact our Director of Strategic Partnerships and Communications.

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Omar Duenas, People Ops Partner at Drip

"The level of commitment and dedication the UpTurns bring to their project/ internship. These students are eager to learn, apply their skills and succeed. Being a part of their development and professional journey is rewarding on so many levels.  We are very fortunate to support and partner with UpTurnships."