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Mariah’s Persistence

We nearly missed Mariah Miller. Her two-page résumé looked like she wanted to be a singer or a model. We passed on interviewing her until we received this email from her Advisor:

“I wanted to connect with you regarding Mariah Miller. I know you did not select her for an interview but I really feel Mariah is a student who will benefit from the internship experience. First and foremost, she has e-mailed and called me twice since having submitted her résumé. Essentially, she’s the only student who has followed up. Could you please consider her again?”

How could we say no to one of our top referrers? Then once we interviewed her, Marianne saw her drive first. Along with good marketing skills, Mariah came with inspiration – six month old Brendan. You can see that drive in this email we received from after receiving an internship withUpTurnships:

“Good Afternoon. I am so grateful and humbled to be accepted into this program. I will take advantage of this opportunity to bring creativity and value to the program and to gain more knowledge for later in life. If there is anything at all you need from me, please don’t hesitate to call. I anxiously await this internship. Thank you again and I look forward to working with each of you.”

Mariah’s confidence soared as part of our first class of UpTurns. She prepared and led presentations for the Page Foundation and Minnesota Representative Terry Bonoff. Later that fall she interviewed and received an offer at Travelers for her next summer internship. After completing that internship, we received this news:

“I have secured a full time permanent position at Travelers Insurance post college graduation as an Account Executive – Underwriter. This will have tremendous impact on my family, as I will be able to provide for my son with ease. I miss you all dearly!”

Mariah’s days are full, working full-time and running after 4-year-old Brendan. Her story of drive and family support inspires us all.

Mariah Miller

Mariah Miller

2014 UpTurn



2nd Internship – Travelers, St. Paul


Full time job: Account Executive – Underwriter,
Travelers St. Paul

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