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Mutaz’s Legacy

Mutaz Alnaas came to UpTurnships in 2015 as a sophomore from Macalester College. He became our first intern at Sun Country, winning his Business Analyst Intern position due to his strong academic record and his double major in Economics and Math. Throughout the summer, he was supervised by Rex Boutelle, a fellow Macalester Alum.

Mutaz wanted his next internship in analytics. After discussing options with his coaches, he approached several consulting firms. In October of his Junior year, he sent us this email:

Dear Coaches,

I am sending you this email as I wanted to share some good news with you. Yesterday I had my Mega-day interviews with Ernst & Young for their transfer price summer internship and it went great.

Later that afternoon I was contacted by HR and was given an offer that I couldn’t refuse. During the phone call they mentioned that they were impressed by my communication skills, and ability think on my feet along side with the work I have done at Sun Country. I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for your hard work and great teaching throughout the summer, and for that I am truly grateful.

Much appreciation and gratitude,


This internship turned into a full-time job offer last summer. One year later, Mutaz starts his full-time job with E&Y in Minneapolis in July.

Mutaz has left started three legacies at UpTurnships:

  • Sun Country: Sun Country has hired six interns from UpTurnships since Mutaz’ strong performance in 2015.
  • Macalester UpTurns: six Macalester students are in the UpTurnships thanks to Mutaz’ referrals. His internship was on the front page of Mac’s website last fall.
  • E&Y: Mutaz blazed the trail to E&Y, as two other UpTurns in a Full-time job and a 2nd internships.

We are honored to work with you, Mutaz, a true professional. We can’t wait to see your legacies grow.

Mariah Miller

Mutaz Alnaas


UpTurn Sun Country

Business Analyst Intern


2nd Internship: Ernst & Young

Transfer Pricing Intern


Full-time Job: Ernst & Young

Research Consultant

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