Why Employers Partner with Us

You’re always searching for great new talent — the kind of young professionals who fit in with your culture, already have the skills and confidence to take on any position, and who show adaptability and eagerness to learn. We’ve got them. Here’s what sets us apart:
  • Many corporate-sponsored internships are for high school students, yet college students are ready to transition to your workforce much sooner.
  • In other organizations, most of the employer or corporate funding goes to operating costs, but at UpTurnships, the majority goes to the intern.
  • Most high school and college diversity programs are focused on getting a student to college, or to stay in college. UpTurnships focuses on providing relevant work experience to secure a job after college.
  • The Boomer workforce is retiring, and a talent pipeline filled with young people can alleviate the gaps that might occur as a result of that.
  • UpTurnships addresses the “invisible factor” in which diverse students don’t know the great employers, and employers don’t find these motivated, diverse students. 
  • Employers can’t afford to train summer interns; UpTurnships will do that for you, making them ready to contribute immediately.
  • It can be costly in terms of time and funding to on-board a summer intern, so UpTurnships handles all the logistics, from payroll to protocol. 

What We Deliver

  • New Sources of local diverse candidates
  • Targeted Selection
  • Matched to your job
  • Professional Development, which lets the UpTurn contribute immediately
  • Access to Alums through networking and awareness building events
  • 100% of our sophomore UpTurns secure a 2nd internship, and 50% of them get a job offer before they start their senior year of college.

How You Can Benefit

  • Extend your recruiting reach
  • Identify strong candidates with strengths for your roles
  • Find candidates prepared to succeed from Day 1
  • Strengthen your pipeline of exceptional, diverse talent
  • Build awareness on-campus with network of young professionals

How You Can Participate

  • Hire an summer UpTurn 
  • Hire an summer an Alum ( already trained)
  • Leverage your company match for donations
  • Commit 25 volunteer hours to our non-profit
  • Be a trainer, or a coach
  • Become a sponsor

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