We inspire UpTurns to be prepared, equipped, and experienced, with a plan for the future.

Application for Summer 2021 is now open!

Summer 2021 Application

Why Be an UpTurn? 

UpTurnships Application Process

Advantages of being an UpTurn:

Higher chances of securing an internship.

Our candidates have much higher odds of getting an internship, with over half receiving an offer, versus being 1 of 300+ who apply to a portal, with no inside advocate.

You get paid.

You won’t be paid in “experience” only, like some internships. Instead, UpTurns have an average summer wage of $14/hour, with a minimum set at $12/hour, and many juniors receiving $17/hour. Also, alums go on to their next internship with a significant increase in salary.

Preparation for your post-college profession.

You’ll gain confidence and training that sets you apart from other job candidates and greatly improves your ability to get a position in your field — 82% of UpTurns have a job in their field within two months of graduation, and 50% of the sophomore UpTurns receive a job offer at the completion of their second internship. And an earlier start leads to even stronger results; nearly one-half of our alums who came to us as sophomores get a great 2nd internship after UpTurnships and enter their senior year of college with a full-time job offer. UpTurns also receive a week's worth of clothing, plus over 110 hours of business training & coaching, which is valued over $10,000.

Reach your full potential.

You will have the rare opportunity to dedicate your summer to career planning, both by seeing a company through an internship and by exploring how to become your best self. Being an UpTurn means understanding that the talents you have are unique to you, and learning how to use your skills to your advantage in a business setting. Over 50% of the time, an UpTurn a second internship, which clarifies the alum's career path and target position.

Becoming an UpTurn means you will experience:
  • 11 days of PAID training and coaching on foundational business skills
  • Paid professional summer internship
  • Build a large professional network of coaches, mentors, and potential employers
  • Future job search skills and network building
  • Extended mentoring and support until you get a job at graduation
  • Summer program runs from May-August 2021.  
  • Training Location - Virtual
In order to apply, you must be:
  • Living in the Twin Cities area during summer 2021 (no housing allowance is provided)
  • Seeking an internship in business (fields may include Marketing, Computer Science, Sales, HR and many more!)
  • Current sophomore or junior (graduating Dec 2022-Spring 2023)

Our UpTurns are motivated, engaged, and prepared, so they can enter their chosen professionals already a step ahead. Are you ready to join us?

Apply to be a part of the Summer 2021 Program!​