Jon Summers
Board Chair
  • Strategic
  • Ideation
  • Positivity
  • Communication
  • Individualization

Work your way to President!

An innovative, resourceful and empowering leader with the creative vision and tenacity to drive change and replace old challenges with new solution sets. Jon has a proven track record in roles requiring insight and technical leadership to achieve success and growth. He is a master organizational developer and resourceful innovator with exceptional communication skills. Experience includes HVAC / Process / Automation / Biotech / Manufacturing. Jon is

    • BA, Transylvania University
    • Currently President of Premax Products & Unipunch Products, Inc.

Jon believes in trying to do better every think more broadly, to live more intentionally and to develop the best in the businesses and teams he supports. He is a business optimizer, enthusiastic coach and passionate storyteller who believes comfort is dangerous, maybe even toxic.

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