Keys to a Successful Internship

Prepare to Succeed

UpTurns are confident, aware individuals. We want UpTurns to be prepared to succeed. Therefore, in order to have the best internship experience, for both UpTurns and employers, we have outlined some keys to ensure this success for both parties. As an employer, we ask that these keys be met so that your needs as a company are met, and the work UpTurns have completed is of substance. UpTurns are students working to reach their full potential. Not to take the easy way out, but instead to dedicate their summer to their future career to become the best version of themselves.

Good Preperation

  1. Complete the initial payroll and hiring documents prior to the first day of UpTurnships. This means the intern will be paid during training and let them start their internship immediately after the first two weeks of UpTurnships training.
  2. Prior to the intern’s first day, provide the intern with basic information such as address of the internship, time tracking requirements, security clearance and time to arrive on day one. Also share any changes to the job description.
  3. Identify where they will sit and set it up prior to their first day. Prepare to set up access to tools and resources (ex. Internet) required for their work.

Real-work Assignments

  1. Interns should be doing work that is challenging, related to their major, valuable to the organization, and to the extent possible, able to fill the entire work term of the internship. Along with a challenging assignment, you can provide more basic “filler” work where they can still learn and provide assistance.
  2. Assign a project that they own, preferably from beginning to end during the summer, that helps them develop a plan and exhibit skills for this field of work.
  3. Set up a venue for them to share a presentation about their project at the end of the summer. This can be low-key – a presentation to the manager’s team – or more formal if the company wants to evaluate presentation skills.

A Supervisor Who Actively Manages the Intern​

  1. Welcomes the intern on their first day and introduces them to the department.
  2. Identifies the intern’s summer project and other work in the department.
  3. Provides guidance, meets with the intern regularly and serves as the key “contact” for questions.
  4. Assesses progress on the intern’s deliverables and provides early feedback and performance assessment input to the intern and their UpTurnships’ coach.

Added Learning for the Summer

  1. Provide networking or training opportunities for the intern to learn more about their field, your industry, and your company. These meetings can be part of research for their work.
  2. When possible, invite interns to quietly tag along to a staff or a project meeting to increase the intern’s knowledge of your organization’s big picture. This gesture will help show how the intern’s work fits into the company plans.

Support the Intern’s Training at UpTurnships

  1. Ensure the intern has no work conflicts during the training program.
  2. Ask interns to demonstrate skills they’ve learned at training.
  3. Provide input and feedback to the UpTurnships’ coaches early in the summer and then at performance review time (early August). Connect with your intern’s coaches if you have questions or concerns about progress.

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