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Julie Burrows

UpTurnships Co-Founder

In the summer of 2013, Julie felt a calling to help young people find work. To this calling, she brought a large professional network, skills at launching new ideas and deep experience with youth. In her past, she launched Pillsbury™ Funfetti™ Cake & Frosting, Toaster Strudel™ and the first mobile TV websites. She's never been more excited to be in a community... one where sharing, caring and equity are core values.

  • SVP, Internet Broadcasting, VP & Officer, The Pillsbury Company, Owner, Burrows Product Results 

  • MBA, Harvard Business School

  • B.A., Wellesley College BA in Mathematics

  • Awards:

    • ’50 over 50 Most Inspiring Leaders’ in Minnesota, 2017

    • Edina Athletic Hall of Fame, 2012

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Julie loves the outdoors and sports. She and husband Jeff have two grown children. Their daughter is a clinical psychologist and volunteers at UpTurnships along with her Dad. Their son works in France and provides a great place to travel destination!