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Just when you’d think this team of executives would retire, we became social entrepreneurs. Volunteer social entrepreneurs at that.

Julie felt a sense of call. Libby wanted the injustice of unpaid internships to stop. Marianne committed to mentoring in retirement.

In early 2014, a grant from Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd helped us fund eight UpTurns in the church basement. We built a curriculum based on closing the skills’ gaps identified by employers and emphasizing one-on-one coaching.

By August, we knew we had something. UpTurn Angelica stepped out for a phone interview and came back ten minutes later. “They said I answered all their questions and gave me the offer!” For UpTurn Alyssa, she responded so quickly to a potential internship that no one else had time to apply. She had her second internship within days.

Fast forward five years and we’ve trained 115 UpTurns.  We bring a summer coaching staff of seven with over 300 years of business experience to our summer home at Augsburg College. We have stronger employer partnerships leading to better-paying internships. Many Alums are working for top firms in the Twin Cities. These Alums refer over 50% of applicants for the next class, ensuring we continue to see stronger candidates each year.

So how about those retirement plans, team?

Sorry, we’re just getting started.


UpTurnships is a nonprofit that prepares college students for success through training, coaching and paid internships during college. We are a group of experienced business executives who became concerned about the rising cost of college tuition, a reduction in training and paid internships, and a generation who is suffering the consequences. We believe one solution is to create more opportunities for college students to get the skills, paid work experience and confidence they need during college so they are prepared for the new business reality at graduation.

Our deliverable: UpTurns leave prepared, equipped and experienced with a plan for their future.

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