Our Mission

For the past 5 years, UpTurnships has been dedicated to implementing a paradigm shift in how college internships are sourced and obtained. We are driven to find a way to provide paid internships and training for highly motivated college students. This small yet formidable organization has been steadfast in its commitment to achieving this vision and ensuring that all college students have equal access to high quality, meaningful, paid internships that will impact their career pathway and future earning potential.  

UpTurnships Alums

have a job in their field within 2 months of graduation

​Supervisors Recommend UpTurnships to colleagues & friends.
​Agree UpTurnships training will help them find professional work prior to graduation

​Currently in 1st Job
75% stay in 1st Job > 1 Year
​(National Average 29%)
19 Months
​Recent Grands Time in 1st Job
*Recent Grads out of college >1 year