Sponsoring Interns

To begin the formal process of becoming a partner employer, we need to know how many interns you are considering and what the internship job descriptions are.  This helps us identify the right intern candidates to apply, and assists us greatly in meeting your process and candidate needs.

The first step is to complete the intern request form.  Completing this form does not constitute a contractual agreement or guarantee by you, the employer, to hire an intern provided by UpTurnships.

Completing this form, signifies that, in good faith, you intend to sponsor a specific number of internships positions for qualified candidates provided by UpTurnships.

Intern Request Form

There are three ways to complete an intern request.

Download Form

Download and complete the Employer Intern Request Form, and email to:

Craig Britton – cbritton@upturnships.org

Download Form

If you already have completed intern job descriptions, download and complete the Employer Intern Request Form except the job description and requirements questions. Email the completed form and your job description(s) to:

Craig Britton – cbritton@upturnships.org

Online Form

Complete the On-Line Employer Intern Request Form below. The completed form will be sent to us automatically. You will be able to print a copy of the information in the Employer Intern Request Form after you complete the form and submit it.