Stephie Dunford
Systems Coordinator

  • Empathy
  • Arranger
  • Maximizer
  • Includer
  • Communication

Stephie joined Upturnships in 2018 and helped us make great strides in our systems and communications. We move faster because of Stephie! It's no wonder..she has trained for the Olympics and worked in airport operations. She knows what it means to meet deadlines and deliver.  

  • BA, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

Stephie is a devoted wife and mom to husband Court, son John and three beloved rescue dogs. 

Question: Why are you so good at what you do? 

My past work in airlines taught me to work quickly and work well in teams. We had to get results or planes didn't land on time. I love working on the UpTurnships team...our team's motto is 'when you're small, you haul.' I use all my skills and enjoy working with everyone ...and yes, we haul!

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