Inspiring UpTurns to be prepared, equipped and experienced with a plan for the future.

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Congratulations! You have made your way through your college education by your own grit, determination and commitment. Now you want to take the next steps toward securing your future career successes, by finding the perfect internship or professional project, that will propel you down the right path.

UpTurnships will help you find your footing and ensure equitable opportunities for you as you make your way into the workforce.

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UpTurnships' Promise

  • Paying you for your outstanding performance in your internship or project with a competitive stipend and setting you up for a potential salary increase in your next employment opportunity.

  • Supporting you to learn and grow in your skills, abilities and confidence, by supplying over 80 hours of exceptional training and coaching, provided by professional mentors representing major corporations including 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Tesla and many more, that will set you apart from other candidates and improve your chances of getting a position in your field.

  • Fostering your full potential by providing you with the tools and resources you need, to effectively demonstrate your skills and abilities to future employers.

  • Teaching you to confidently represent the unique talents you will learn to understand in yourself, helping you recognize a clearer path toward a permanent career. 

  • Providing you with continued education, in the form of invaluable career prep courses and networking opportunities, by providing project management experience to program participants, even when making an internship match is not an immediate option.

  • Increasing your chances of getting an internship and receiving a permanent position after completing the program, by using our network of professional connections. 


UpTurnships Applicants Are

  • Seeking a professional internship in one of our target areas (see application page for specific details)

  • A current Sophomore, Junior or Senior who is from or attends college in the state of Minnesota or Superior, WS 

  • Highly motivated students committed to growing their skills and building their resume

  • Part of an underrepresented demographic, including but not limited to: marginalized races, sexes, socioeconomic backgrounds, first generation college students, and college students who are Pell-Grant Eligible


The UpTurnships Process

By going through UpTurnships' foundational training, you will become fully prepared to get an internship or project. You will get to work with a professional to improve your interview answers, build a strong resume & ace the interview process. Along the way you will build a valuable network, learn new skills and gain important knowledge that will set you up for a successful, gainful career.

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Apply to our program by clicking here

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Shaquelle, UpTurn 2015

"The coaches have helped us grow in more ways than one; personally and professionally, and their encouragement and guidance has helped mold us into the type of professionals we'd always dreamt of being."



of our alums who came to us as sophomores get a great 2nd internship after UpTurnships and enter their senior year of college with a full-time job offer


of the sophomore UpTurns receive a job offer at the completion of their second internship


of UpTurns will find gainful employment in the Twin Cities area allowing them to remain close to their educational community and business network



of the time, an UpTurn receives a second internship, which clarifies the alum's career path and target position


of UpTurns have a job in their field within two months of graduation

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Sofia, UpTurn 2018

"UpTurnships gave me the knowledge and tools to feel prepared and successful, even before I graduated. My coaches were so incredibly helpful in guiding me on the right path and in challenging my thinking. I've taken everything they taught me and applied it to my professional career."​