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Caitlin Tran

In high school, a pair of experiences helped guide Caitlin Tran toward a career in finance. As a tutor at Kumon, Caitlin enjoyed managing others and problem-solving solutions. Then, during her senior year of high school, she took an accounting class. Although the concepts were difficult at first, when they began to connect, she was inspired to learn more.

For college, Caitlin enrolled at Augsburg University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Management. She says, “I enjoy being able to relate accounting and finance to how they work hand in hand.” In 2021, she completed a finance internship at WomenVenture through UpTurnships. This past summer, she completed a second internship at UnitedHealthcare, and she plans to continue with the company as a Financial Analyst after graduating from Augsburg in December 2022.


During her career, Caitlin wants to be known as a hard worker who is committed to improving. “I hope to leave a legacy behind at every company I work at, which is being known as the girl who was ambitious, assertive, and authentic for the work she has done,” Caitlin says. Additionally, she says she plans on returning to school in the future for either her master’s or to study for the CFA.


One lesson Caitlin has taken away from her internships is the importance of workplace culture. For her, the relationships one can build with coworkers is the most rewarding part of a job or internship.


For UpTurns, Caitlin points to a quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger as a perspective she lives by: “Don’t ever look for shortcuts. There are 24 hours a day. If you only sleep 6 hours a day, then you have 18 left. Most people work 8 or 10 hours. So now you still have 8 hours left. What we do with those eight hours, is really the question.” She also recommends when interviewing to be authentic and emphasize how you stand apart from other applicants.

Caitlin Tran
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