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Nypri Fisher

A recent graduate of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Nypri Fisher says the ability to connect with people and translate their wants and needs in a fun, relatable way was what initially drew her to marketing and general business. In May of 2022, she completed her undergraduate degree, majoring in Business Marketing Education. Soon after, she accepted an offer to join Best Buy as a Category Management Analyst and began working in the position in June of the same year.


During college, Nypri gained experience in marketing and business management, starting her own online clothing boutique. Learning about SEO, targeted ads, and social media, her company amassed over 20,000 followers across all platforms, and she grew her initial investment by 600%. She applied to UpTurnships during her senior year and participated in 2022 Spring Projects.


Networking, Nypri says, was very important to her finding the right first full-time position. Initially, she applied to a position which required additional qualifications. According to Nypri, “The recruiter for that position reached out to me, pointing out the position I applied for was above my level of experience, but they were still very impressed by my resume and referred me to the position that I’m in now.”


In her new position, Nypri will work with different vendors to determine what products to bring into Best Buy stores and how much inventory will be needed based on consumer demand. Other duties include launching new products from vendors and assisting the marketing team in determining what promotions and offers will be best for customers.


At Best Buy, Nypri will get to work on several different areas within her new role. “My long-term goal is to have complete mastery of the specific field I’m in,” Nypri says. She feels getting a well-rounded experience in this first job will make this position an ideal fit for her.


Nypri says she benefitted greatly from UpTurnships training. “Take advantage of all your time and the connections that you make,” she says to current and future UpTurns. “Don’t just be a part of the program to sit there and say you did it.” From the program, she says she met experienced mentors who taught her about the process of networking. Although it can feel challenging, her advice to college students seeking a first job it to build off connections to meet more people, and eventually, the right doors will open.

Nypri Fisher
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