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Pragya Karmacharya

Pragya Karmacharya is a 2020 UpTurn alum who just graduated from St. Catherine's University with a degree in Communication Studies and Psychology with a minor in English. Upon graduating, she started a marketing internship at 3M through the 3M Frontline internship program where she is currently working in Global Customer Education. She's enjoying building meaningful connections with her team and other people working at 3M. She is able to get a lot of advice and learn from a variety of people. She mentioned that the pandemic removed some of the transportation and physical location barriers that have prevented her from taking opportunities in the past. She has been able to work remotely and still create relationships while making an impact through her work.

Pragya shared that "UpTurnships really set me up well to network. I learned a lot about what kinds of questions to ask and how to not only gain a lot from the quick interactions, but also provide mutual feelings of success to the person I am speaking with. UpTurnships was my first experience with a remote internship and I really appreciate the trainings on professionalism on video, zoom etiquette and how to talk to other people and ask questions." 

Pragya's advice to incoming UpTurns is "If you see a problem, find a solution and share it with someone who can make that change happen. It is so important to utilize the diversity behind your background to share and improve the world around you- even when that world is your internship space."

Pragya Karmacharya
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