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Sydne Carlson

Meet Sydne Carlson, a 2019 UpTurn with a recent degree in Accounting and Marketing from St. Catherine’s University. Sydne was a sophomore when she went through the UpTurnships program. Since then, she has interned at both Boyum Barenscheer and Ecolab as well as being an accounting tutor at St. Kate’s. Sydne is now a part of Ecolab’s 3-year Finance Rotational Program with her current position being in Global Consolidation. She’s 4 weeks in and learning a lot. Being that Ecolab is a global company, she gets to interact with people from around the world.

Sydne credits the UpTurnships program for setting her up for success in interviews. She mentioned “I was good at talking about myself or my experiences until going through UpTurnships. UpTurnships gave me a lot of confidence in what I am capable of doing and my strengths. They give you coaches that are there to help you succeed.” Her advice for future UpTurns is to take many notes, ask tons of questions, and don’t forget to cherish your time with everyone.

In her free time, Sydne enjoys traveling, painting, and crafting. She recently got a puppy which is keeping her quite busy. In 5 years, Sydne sees herself as a homeowner, happily married, and working in a job that she loves and is passionate about.

Sydne Carlson
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