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Teresa Nguyen

In 2018, Teresa Nguyen joined UpTurnships during her sophomore year at Augsburg University. In her time with the program, she worked as a marketing intern at CaringBridge. The following school year, she secured an internship at 3M. After graduating in spring 2020, she joined Empowering Health as a social worker. Then, in September of 2021, she began a new role with the company, currently holding the position of marketing lead.


Her favorite part of the position is having the ability to present her unique ideas. One of her first projects is establishing a new internship program that helps high school students get real-world experience to give them a leg up in college. Teresa says her experience as an UpTurn has already helped with the project.


Teresa credits the professional network she built through UpTurnships with helping her land a very competitive internship at 3M during college. She is always glad to hear from coaches and mentors that she met through the UpTurnships. “It’s really nice to know that they keep me in their hearts and minds,” Teresa says.


During her time with UpTurnships, she developed more confidence in a professional setting and gained valuable career insights. Teresa says, “UpTurnships taught me how to be confident and stand my ground, but how to do so in a professional manner."


Outside of work, Teresa has been doing a lot of reading and is a big fan of poetry. She also enjoys learning about solo traveling and would like to see the world and experience new cultures.

Teresa Nguyen
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