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Tessa Ferguson

Before her senior year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Tessa Ferguson applied for a communications internship at U.S. Bank. This proved to be the start of a successful career at the company, in which she has held multiple positions on the Enterprise Communications team. After spending some time at Room & Board as a Senior Internal Communications Specialist, she recently returned to U.S. Bank as a Communications Manager.


A member of the 2015 UpTurnships Class, Tessa completed a Marketing internship through the program. Along the way, she met professional mentors who provided guidance and support that helped her on her professional path. “Without UpTurnships’ help, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that started my career,” Tessa says.


Later, during her internship with U.S. Bank, she learned she enjoyed creating employee-facing content. She enjoys this work, she says, because it helps simplify the jobs of others and gives all employees a voice, creating a strong company culture. When Tessa’s internship with U.S. Bank concluded, she received a full-time offer to join the company’s Enterprise Communications team.


Last month, Tessa accepted a new position at U.S. Bank as a Communications Manager. Tessa says, “This position provides so much potential for growth, and I hope to utilize this opportunity to expand my knowledge base.” She is excited about the role because she believes it gives her a great opportunity to take on new responsibilities.


With many different career options, it can be difficult for some young communications professionals to find their place in the industry. To current UpTurns interested in communications, Tessa says, “Be open to all opportunities that come your way – the communications field is incredibly broad, and you never know what doors may open.”

Tessa Ferguson
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