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This is where you will find all of the resources you will need throughout the Fall 2022 UpStart Projects Program

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Topic: Being a Strong Employee and Setting Goals

Discussion Board | Slides

Topic: Meet Your Coach, Preparing to Start Projects, Business Communication, and Managing Multiple Priorities

Discussion Board | Slides | CliftonStrengths Assessment


Topic: CliftonStrengths

Discussion Board | Slides | UpTurn Guide

Balconies and Basements | Definitions


Topic: Identity in the Workplace

Topic: LinkedIn and Networking 101

Topic: Networking Practice

Topic: Wealth Building

Topic: Resumes and Interviewing

Topic: Career Pathways & Professional Panel

Topic: Your Next Opportunity

Program Coach Groups


Josh Oberheide

Christina Z.

Makayla H.

Pao L.


Amy Kiefer

Aalyan M.

De'Vonna S.

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Katie Jacobs

Deqa H.

Jenna I.

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Nykeesha Greer

Wilma M.

Eden R.

Arial X.


Luis Valcarel

Yohannes A.

Najah M.


Jenny Jefferds

Jessica Z.

Ly X.

Bilal O.


Lisa Fraga

Alessandra P.

Abdirizak H.


Hannah Byl

Bella B.

Jesus T.

Nasra M.


Sara Sampson

Beza L.

Emelia L.

Lani V.

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Tim Blinkhorn

Mouhiyadin I.

Jet L.

Alma S.

UpTurnships Program Staff

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