UpTurnships Programs

Check out all the outstanding opportunities we offer with UpTurnships and apply for the internship program or project that most interests you.

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UpTurnships is looking for applicants who are:

  • A current Sophomore, Junior or Senior in college

  • Highly motivated students committed to growing their skills and building their resume

  • Are part of an underrepresented demographic, including but not limited to: marginalized races, sexes, socioeconomic backgrounds, first generation college students, and college students who are Pell-Grant Eligible

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Flagship Summer Program

​UpTurns in this program receive our full suite of supports including professional training, one on one coaching, resume assistance, interview practice, a foundation of knowledge in wealth building, networking opportunities and a paid internship.


UpStart Projects

UpTurns in this program are set up to be successful at their projects through training that teaches them to leverage networking skills to build social capital and career exploration.  UpTurns will receive 12, two hour training sessions, between September 13 and November 19.

Each UpTurn is paired with a professional volunteer based on their area of expertise and will receive 1:1 coaching and guidance during training sessions to build confidence and professional skills. UpTurns also complete a 30 to 40 hour project with an UpTurnships employer partner averaging five hours per week, for eight weeks.


For the fall of 2021 projects are focused on the areas of Marketing/Communications, Marketing Analytics, Finance/Accounting and Business Analytics. All UpTurns who complete the program are paid a stipend for attending training and completing their project.   


UpStart Spark

UpTurns in this program are in their second year of college or have finished their associates' degree and  will work toward an internship by receiving robust work readiness training, focusing on networking skills, resume writing, professional communications and more,

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How UpTurnships Programs Help You Prepare for Your Future

When you go through our UpTurnships process, you get more than an internship. You build a valuable network, learn new skills and gain important knowledge that will set you up for a successful, gainful career.


Here's how it works: 

  • You will have the outstanding opportunity to work with professional coaches to prepare your resume, practice interview skills, utilize professional communication and more

  • Once you have completed the application process you are ready to interview and secure an internship opportunity: UpTurnships will actively try to match our applicants to internship opportunities with our employer partners

  • If matched with an internship with our employer partners you will use your recently practiced skills to interview and receive an internship

  • Once you accept your internship you are officially a part of the UpTurnships program and will receive continued coaching, training and support throughout your work experience

Check back soon for updates about information sessions.