At UpTurnships, you’re more than a coach - using your highest skill set, you’re creating a career network for emerging young professionals who need your expertise to guide them into becoming the next generation of successful business leaders.

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Becoming a Coach

UpTurnships is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who are successful professionals in their fields. Our volunteers believe in an equitable workforce and strive to create a more diverse and inclusive corporate culture. They share their time, talent, and network with students from underrepresented socioeconomic groups and help transform their lives by supporting their strong and sustainable transition into the workforce.

All our volunteers see potential in the young people we serve and value the kind of teamwork and collaboration that comes with such an extraordinary effort. They are open minded, respectful and kind committed to celebrating diversity and cultivating inclusion. Our volunteers often return to our program each year as they recognize the powerful feeling of their significant contributions to the success of exceptional young professionals in our community.

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Interview & Resume Coach

  • Help applicants update their resume to UpTurnships standards 

  • Build interviewing skills with applicants by practicing common questions, preparing quality questions for the interviewer and discussing interview etiquette 

  • Provide constructive feedback from your interactions and model professional communication so the applicants can learn best practices

(Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours/week)


Program Coach

  • Provide training and practical tips on soft skills required to succeed in business including but not limited to business communications, networking, resume and interviewing skills, LinkedIn, Clifton Strengths and managing multiple priorities

  • Be a resource for students as they navigate preparation for projects/internships including finding their voice and building confidence

  • Provide constructive feedback from your interactions as well as incorporating the supervisor’s feedback.

  • Remain accessible beyond the completion of the program i.e. as a reference, network, or advisor

  • Help them incorporate their business training by UpTurnships and their work project into their resume

(Estimated time commitment: 30-40 hours)


Guest Speaker or Panelist

  • Provide UpTurns with their knowledge, experiences and advice in their area of expertise and personal career journey

  • Give UpTurns confidence that they can be successful by hearing stories from seasoned professionals

  • Answer UpTurns questions about the professional world, career pathways, areas of expertise, and more

(Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours)

Interested in volunteering? Fill out this brief form and a member of our team will connect with you soon to get you started.

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Marianne Malko, Coach

"I think every coach would say we are most proud of the on-going relationship with the alums. They are such amazing people, its fun to hear all of their accomplishments - both professional and personal. We have seen our alums get their first full-time job, get promoted, graduate from Master’s degrees, get married, have children - all are celebrations of life"