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Becoming A Coach

UpTurnships is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who are successful professionals in their fields. Our volunteers believe in an equitable workforce and strive to create a more diverse and inclusive corporate culture. They share their time, talent, and network with students from underrepresented socioeconomic groups and help transform their lives by supporting their strong and sustainable transition into the workforce.


Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities


"I’m thrilled to volunteer with UpTurnships where I utilize my experience to help engaged and fascinating students navigate the working world. Whether I’m resume and interview coaching or coaching throughout a student’s internship, I love the relationships I build and being a part of another person's growth. As a white woman, this is one of my favorite ways to use my privilege to help address racial inequity. Year after year, UpTurnships has demonstrated unfailing commitment to their purpose!"

Laura Hamilton
Retired CEO, CPA MTS Systems Corp

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