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Why be an UpTurn?

UpTurns are confident, motivated individuals.

Be an UpTurn to reach your full potential. You will have the rare opportunity to dedicate your summer to career planning, both by seeing a company through an internship and by exploring how to become your best self.

Being an UpTurn means: understanding that the talents you have are unique to you, and learning how to use your skills to your advantage in a business setting.

At UpTurnships, we believe UpTurns can reach their full potential through self awareness and dedication during the program. The program focuses on the “biggest rocks” – skills and experiences employers want but find are often missing. You will learn the following skills:

    • Know your own strengths
    • How to make a good impression
    • Written and oral business communication
    • How to organize priorities and projects
    • How to enter and contribute immediately

UpTurns have proven that these skills do make a difference.

Becoming an UpTurn means that you will experience:

13 days: Training and coaching on foundational business skills

10 weeks: Paid professional summer internship

2 days: Future job search skill and network building

And extended mentoring & support until they get a job at graduation

At UpTurnships, we believe these experiences to be invaluable.


UpTurnships’ training is based on key professional skills employers say they want to see in new college graduates. UpTurns receive 120 hours of training – a five-day upfront training week, 8 coaching Fridays and a two-day sendoff on August 16-17

UpTurnships was the foundation of my professional career. All the coaches, guest speakers, and students that participate in UpTurnships have a passion for growth and helping others flourish. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the all the guidance and knowledge UpTurnships has provided me!

Dulce Ocampo, 2016 UpTurn

I learned a lot from UpTurnships. It made me a young professional. I am really grateful. Thank you.

Bashiru Kormah, 2016 UpTurn

UpTurnships opened doors for me I never thought possible. The program allowed me to believe in myself and my talents with the help of incredible people!

Luke Wiebolt, 2016 UpTurn

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